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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adjusting to College Life: Moving In

I found out the night before I moved in where I was living. Talk about being unprepared. I had bought twin XL sheets and tons of under-bed storage and a super cute bathroom caddy only to find out I was living in a room with built in twin beds (with built in storage in them) and a private shower. Regardless of a last minute Target trip, my move in day was really special. Seeing so many people that I would live with for a whole year was a bit overwhelming. Any ways, here are some helpful tips I picked up along the way:

  • Be there early. If the line officially starts at 4pm, be there are 3:50pm. Getting through lines quickly will save you an extraordinary amount of time.
  • Don't move in with everyone else. I was able to move in early because of a program at UT. If you have the chance to move in early - jump on that boat. I feel better aquatinted with not only my dorm but with UT as well.  I also met a great group of friends to go exploring with around campus.
  • Over buy. You might think that one basket is enough until you find that there is a lack of storage space. Buy more to be safe and keep your receipts to be smart! If you have the freedom of seeing your room first and then buying what you need, that could be a great opportunity for you! But be prepared for long lines at the local Walmart.
  • Find your RA right away! I thought that finding who my RA was would be a super lame task but it was the opposite. All RAs do what they do because they love it. They became an RA so they could be relational with the people around them. They have great advice and are generally sweet people.
  • Partially unpack and then explore. If you try to make your room 100% perfect before you leave, you may be in your dorm all day. Unpack enough to survive a couple of days and then go explore. Meet new people, find out where the kitchen is, look for the front desk! Then any free time you have can be spent finishing your unpacking.
  • Bring food! I made the mistake of not having snacks on hand and I was famished. You may not feel up for an entire meal but some Cheez-its may be what you need to make it through another hour.
  • Establish some ground rules for your roommate and yourself. If you wake up at 5am to workout and shower, let your roommate know! Or if you are the person to bring friends over, say so. There is no point in starting your relationship with your roommate on negative terms.

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