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Monday, January 14, 2013

Scholarships: Q&A

Here are a few questions y'all asked throughout the series!

Can Rec Letters come from middle school teachers?
I would say no. High school teachers have the best current knowledge of your academic skill.

Can the same teachers write rec letters for multiple scholarships/colleges?
Yes! Teachers are normally more than happy to print an extra copy and send the letter where it needs to be.

Can I trust the online websites scholarships?
I would always double check who you are giving your information out to regardless of scholarship status. If an online scholarship looks sketchy, I say move on to the next one.

If I get a scholarships, where does the money go?
That is a question you need to ask the giver. I've had scholarships go to the school and some came directly to me. If your school, another scholarship application, any finaid document asks for scholarships received - list all of them. Being dishonest isn't right and can lead to serious trouble can result in your finaid packages from schools being completely withdrawn.

Keep Applying,

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