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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Future MD Status: Tiger Woods and the Gunner Mentality

Gunner (n): 1. Someone who makes good grades and then obnoxiously gloats around classmates 2. Someone who uses valuable teaching time to a) argue a useless point b) brag and c) be really annoying. Can also be used as a verb. To gunn. 

"Why did Tommy spend 20 minutes telling the professor about his award winning paper he wrote in high school during class? He is such a gunner."

Tiger Woods and the pre med gunner mentality

Take a few minutes to read this story about Tiger Woods and gunners. Dr. Ryan Gray comments on Wood's latest PGA win, and more interestingly the help Woods received from fellow competitor and runner up Steven Stricker. Dr. Gray argues that if Woods and Stricker were pre-meds, Stricker would have made the highest grade in OChem. His reasoning? In the golf culture, older players frequently help out younger ones. They share tips on how to improve a strokes or advice on putting. Contrast this helpful atmosphere to the cut throat culture of pre meds. Dr. Gray mentions "with over 50% of applicants being rejected, every advantage that you can gain, seems to be in your best interest" but Dr. Gray quickly reminds the reader that be a gunner isn't the only choice (it is probably the worst). Here are my top 3 reasons why being a gunner actually won't get you that far.
  1. Deserving students will make it into med school.So worry less about the competition and focus on yourself. I hear yoga is great for soul searching and such.
  2. Healthcare is all about collaboration. Carry your gunner ways into a hospital and expect your ego handed back to you by PAs, nurses, staff and fellow MDs/DOs.
  3. College is already stressful enough. Why add being disliked to the burden?
Stay gunner free,

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