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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Future MD Status: Pre Med Resources

Here are my places in the internet I turn to for help in the pre med world:

But first a message from the MedSchoolApplicant (seriously, watch it):


Medical School Applicant: Samantha (the particular med school applicant) runs this incredible tumblr geared towards answering questions and providing advice to pre meds everywhere. I find her kind in her answers and hilarious in her videos. 

WayFaringMD: This blog is my favorite. There is an entire series dedicated to the questions that pre med students have but also a serious conversation about the life pre meds live. And I don't just mean the walk of shame from the library, but what happens when your burn out or feel isolated. A must read for any pre med student. Besides, she also tells you about how hard it is to maintain a manicure in med school. 

The Health Scout: Dalya is a med student in Texas, and her blog is a wonderful resource for pre meds and med students alike. She answers questions that people don't always feel comfortable asking (for example, what kind of questions do you ask when shadowing), and she has a quick respond time for comments. Her twitter account is filled with current Texas political news as well as engaging dialogue on important health matters!

YouTube Channels

Crash Course: What is better than your favorite author 's brother helping you study the basics of science? Maybe a 40 on your MCAT but Hank Green comes close in his Crash Course videos that will help you review the basics for either a quiz in bio or the physical science section on the MCAT. 

Surgery Videos. Self explanatory. Watch learn. Be amazed. A big thank you to our government for the collection. 

Twitter Accounts

@T0talpremedmove: If you enjoy laughter then you will enjoy this account. Also the same person who runs the tumblr blog. Follow on both accounts, you won't regret it!

@PreMedLife: I personally don't like the layout of the website but I think their twitter account is the perfect way to stay up to date with all the news surrounding pre meds (like the new MCAT) or even opportunities in your area.


AAMC - Aspiring Docs: This should really go without posting but the AAMC is the #1 spot for the most accurate news concerning med school. Granted, they write the exams that make us want to stay in the fetal position forever but, they do have some helpful links. 

This list isn't exhaustive and I plan to update it as I find more resources. 


Editor's Note: Hello there! I'm happy you found this post and I'm excited to share the most updated list here!

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