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Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Things Every Pre Med Freshman Should Know

Being a pre med in college places you with a fascinating breed of students on campus. The students who continue to make Starbucks a million dollar industry, and watch Grey's Anatomy, House, and Scrubs religiously. Approximately 10 years after their freshmen year, these sleep deprived students become happy and successful physicians (or at least, that is the goal). Everyone has to start with their freshman year, so make sure you start off on the right foot!

  1. Being a pre med should be your choice. There are plenty of ways to save the world, educate the youth, and help others - none of which requires years of training and $100k in debt. If you want to be a pre med, then make that choice own your own. I've seen too many students become a premed/prelaw/prewhatever in hopes of making their parents happy, but they are always miserable. 
  2. Make pre med friends. Like real friends. Why? Because when your general chemistry professor starts a lecture on ochem and you are 110% lost, you want someone willing to walk through nomenclature with you, not just give you their notes. My fellow pre med friends have become some of my closest friends (and even my roommate) because we share the burden of tests, applications, and general stress together. 
  3. Make non pre med friends. No, this isn't a contradiction to the second statement. It is too easy to be wrapped up in the #premedstruggle life, and that is no way to live. Having friends who have no interest in medicine can round out your college experience. Plus, they often provide unique thoughts on your journey to medical school and beyond. My choice to declare a second major and rethink public health came after a good talk with a friend about her work with non profits as an Urban Studies major. 
  4. Plan ahead. Take one Sunday evening and plan. Plan your four year, plan your MCAT prep schedule (when do you want to take it? what kind of prep course would you want?), and plan your research/internship/job opportunities. Obviously, this plan will change, and it might be extremely vague, and that is okay! Trust me, there is value in having some sense of direction. By nature of my major and future goals, I was forced to plan my four year before I started college, and it has done wonders for my sanity and my advisors'. 
  5. Have fun. Cliche? Yes. A good recommendation? Of course. You have 3, 4 or even 5 years in college to not only examine yourself but to explore your college city and build lasting relationships. Don't let being a pre med be an excuse for missing out on a great college experience!  


Editor's Note: Hi there! I'm so happy you found this post, but the advice doesn't stop here. Follow my new blog ( for more!


  1. i love this! i just finished my freshman year as a pre-med student and even though i say i hate it during the semester, i deep down love every minute of it. i really couldn't agree more with this blog! this is the serious truth.

    1. I agree - I love the challenge that the pre med courses brings! And we are in the same boat, I'm about to embark on my second year of college as a pre med. Good luck this year!

  2. I'm absolutely terrified... but you know what they say, if it doesn't scare you, Its not worth it.. Start this fall! Good luck!

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  4. Are you giving advice on what to do as a pre-med when you have not yet been accepted to med school?

  5. Hi Christle! Thank you for this post. I'm a freshman and I'm wondering when I should start preparing for MCAT? Thank you!

  6. This is such an amazing article! Really helpful!!!! Thanks


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