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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unless the Lord Builds

Waking up to the news of death is exhausting. The joy morning brings is stolen. Your focus is blurred. You shake your head in disbelief because it can't be true. But you must acknowledge death and understand that mortality is the human condition.

A few months ago, my mentor passed away. He was a mentor to hundreds of students across the DFW area through Rotary Youth Leadership Award and a wonderful husband, father, and friend. I'm still figuring out how to navigate through the later stages of grief, but I am blessed to have my RYLA friends who know the loss. More importantly, I'm blessed to have RYLA friends who know heaven's gain. My mentor was a man who knew his purpose and lived with intention. The motto of Camp RYLA 5810 is "reach for the future." I thought this meant our future dreams, but my mentor understood this as the future generations. A moment spent with him was refreshing. He believed in you so much that you couldn't help but realize the potential you have. Mark spent his life investing in people, and so many of us now are reaping the benefits. I want to live the way Mark did, with solid intention

I'm the Gen Y workhorse. I appreciate hustle, and I enjoy the grind. Unfortunately, my pursuit of hustle has blocked my pursuit of happiness. The work I do doesn't bring me the happiness and contentment I crave.  Last May I stumbled on Psalm 127:1a, "If the Lord doesn't build the house, than the builders are working for nothing." If I'm not building on the eternal, why am I wasting my time? If my life isn't directed  towards His glory, why do anything at all? This year, I want to spend my life building on the Lord's work. That means honoring my family, taking care of my body, and taking advantage of the opportunities He has given me. I don't want to work to be appreciated, I want to work so others can appreciate my God. This is my intention

Mark, I know you are up in heaven enjoying the banquet God has set before you. You built up the lives of youth so they could make a difference. I am forever grateful. 


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  1. You really are a beautiful and inspiring person. I urge you to continue your passions.


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