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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Preparing for Rain

Y'all. I'm tired. I'm confused. I'm unsure. Trust me, three feelings that aren't in any way comforting two weeks prior to final exams. I'm about to make choices in the next weeks that will determine the next few years. Where do I live? When do I take the MCAT? Do I want my MPH before applying for Medical School? MD or DO? Does that mean I have to start looking for a grad school? With each choice I make, I define who I am and who I will be - and that's terrifying. I don't feel ready for that responsibility.

In the midst of all of my worry - I've come to one solid realization. I'm not in control. And what a blessing that realization is - that He who controls the heavens and the earth holds my life in His hands (Psalm 146:6). I know God will be faithful to me. I know God is molding my life to glorify Him.
I heard a story about two farmers
who desperately needed rain.
Both of them prayed for rain,
but only one of them went out
and prepared his fields to receive it.
Which one do you think trusted God to send the rain?"
"Well, the one who prepared his fields for it."
-Author Unknown  
So as I pray for blessing and support, I'm ready to prepare myself for whatever God chooses. A big part of that is choosing to be faithful instead of apathetic. There is a huge temptation to place faith aside during finals, but I want to do the opposite. I'll be following the She Read's Truth Advent Plan this month! Advent is all about waiting for Christ's arrival, and I'm ready for this new season!

Buying my umbrella,

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