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Monday, March 31, 2014

Gold Mine :: March 2014

"More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men [and women] than has been taken from the earth" - Napoleon Hill

One // Blurred Lines of Real Manhood (Robin Thicke, I'm Looking in Your Direction)

“When young women are sexually assaulted, we question their pasts and critique their clothing choices, yet rarely ask their attackers to simply be accountable for having no self-control, and no respect for the humanity of the girls they’ve violated.

Sooner or later, we need to show our young men that the they can actually raise the moral temperature in sexual situations, not reflect them.” - John Pavlovitz (Staff at Journey Church in NC)

Two // Feminist Enough 

"Feminist Enough is a video storytelling project consisting of stories, also called manifestos, by women that seek to show the world real faces of feminism, redefine feminism for women of color worldwide and inspire a new generation of smart, whole, fiercely feminist girls."

Three // Building a Diverse Newsroom is Work

"In fact, “diversity” doesn’t stop at hiring one person who represents each so-called different viewpoint, be it race or gender or sexual orientation or political leaning. Any newsroom in which the black staffer is expected to speak up for blackness while the white staffers only have to speak for themselves is a newsroom that’s failing." - Shani Hilton (Deputy Editor - in - Chief, BuzzFeed)

“How do we make the space to talk honestly and wrenchingly about all the multi-layered systems of injustice that target some of us and privilege others for who we are? The layers are so tangled: gender folds into disability, disability wraps around class, class strains against race, race snarls into sexuality, sexuality hangs onto gender, all of it finally piling into our bodies.”

— Eli Clare, Digging Deep: Thinking About Privilege

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