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Friday, April 18, 2014

Have Time, Will Travel

My final exam schedule isn't terrible, but it isn't a box of chocolates either. Instead of creating my study plan, I put together five places I'd rather be right now:

One // Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine 

The closest I've ever been to Maine is the Red Lobster in Plano. Portland Head Light serves as part lighthouse and museum. Hopefully they serve cheese biscuits too.

Two // Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska, United States

Elsa's ice castle comes in second to the Mendenhall Ice Caves. If I had half the athletic ability of an avid hiker, I'd place this on my to go list (preferably before they melt away #globalwarminig).

Three // Antelope Canyon in Arizona, United States

Yo, Pocahontas- I think the color of winds passed through here a few times. Another place I'd love to hike, if I enjoyed hiking.

Four // Burano, Italy

According to legend, fishermen pained their homes with different colors so the homes would be recognizable in fog. Known for their fish and lace, Burano seems like the perfect day trip when visiting Italy.

Five // Oia in Santorini, Greece

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was filmed in Santorini, so how could you not want to visit this gorgeous gem? Trips also include complimentary Greet yogurt and a visit from John Stamos.

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