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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Take Back April

Every sentence
a staccato hymn
in the midst of a world
that has forgotten how to value silence.
- Joshua Bennett, For Levi

April brings spring showers, flowery perfumes, and Autism Awareness month. The latter is sponsored by the feel good, well publicized charity: Autism Speaks. Every April, they urge us to light our buildings blue and pledge to find a cure. Autism Speaks tells us that those with autism are problems, puzzles to be solved, even incomplete. But autism doesn't speak, people with autism do.

And many people with autism don't speak up for Autism Speaks. In an open letter to the organization, The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and numerous affiliates urge "sponsors, donors, and supporters of Autism Speaks" to withdraw their support  While I applaud Autism Speaks in their efforts to educate and advocate for autistics, I will no longer endorse them. My choice to remove my support from the organization comes after learning that Autism Speak's senior leadership doesn't not include an individual with autism, less than 4% of budget fund support systems, and their media constantly dehumanizes people with autism.

Instead I support Autism Acceptance, and respect neurodiversity. 

Learn more about my stance here:

2014 Joint Letter to the Sponsors of Autism Speaks

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