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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blogging in Medicine: 4 Blogs to Follow

My verbal instructor at Princeton Review told the class to read more. I don't think he meant blogs, but here are four of my favorite bloggers in medicine.

A Little Bit of Lacquer: Laura is a fourth year medical student who blogs about med school, fashion and family. She has a gorgeous family and a wonderful sense of style. Read about her daily schedule at Harvard Med here and check out her advice to pre-meds/med students here.

Franish: Franziska is a first year medical student who is determined to look great while staying within dress code and under budget. Read about here med school experiences here and her shopping adventures here.

The Health Scout: Dalya is a third year non-traditional medical student and runs the funniest and around. Her cartoons (found here) are hilarious, and she is incredibly responsive to questions from readers too!

Wayfaring MD: Although she chooses to remain anonymous, the blogger behind Wayfaring MD has huge personality. She has one of the most comprehensive FAQ for pre meds found here, and debunks common myths about medicine here.

Check out some other resources on the web for pre-meds.

Do you have any favorite bloggers in medicine? Share your list in the comments below!

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