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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Revisiting Day Ones

Day one of running sucks. Like gasping, wheezing, tripping sucks. But I slipped on my running shoes and ran / walked / crawled 3.07 miles earlier this month. Day two wasn't any better, and day three made me question my commitment. Three weeks into running and I'm grateful for my day one.

There isn't a predetermined date where I will wake up and and suddenly be sub three hour marathoner. But I can guarantee that I'll never run a half marathon if I don't push through day one of training. Day ones determine the success of our goals. Which presents a slight problem for me - I tend to see my goals as time capsules. The start dates for goals are set in the "sometime, but not too far" future.
I have to be part of a mission team before I can serve God fully.  
I can't work on being a good doctor until I'm in medical school.   
I shouldn't be an advocate for health equity before I have a masters of public health. 
Granted, there are certain steps towards achieving my goals that have inescapable prerequisites. I can't put on a stethoscope and diagnosis my sister with strep without an MD or DO following my name. I can learn to listen to her complaints and care for her when possible.

What we do now is a reflection of what we will do later. Put off your day one for too long and you might not make it the gym or crack open your bible until the seemingly perfect time (I'm looking at you, new year's day) pops up on your calendars. Focusing on the day ones, day twos, threes, ... etc, gives us permission to enjoy the process rather than crave for future success.

Today isn't always easy, but it's always possible.

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