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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome July

Hi July,

You arrived out of the blue. But you're here. And I'm ready for watermelons, fireworks and summer reading time.

June Goals

Spend more time in the Word. I don't think there will be a time in my life where spending more time in God's word isn't a priority. I want to finish a She Reads Truth plan and possibly buy a new bible.

Wake up earlier. I thought sleeping in would be my favorite part of summer. Whoops. Not at all! I'd rather wake up earlier, knock out some homework, make my bed, or finish a blog post. 

Be more focused. It is way too easy to split my attention. I'm not sure when I decided that multitasking increased productivity, but I'm ready to bring back my focus and work on being more intentional.

Two out of three? Not too bad. I enjoyed book of Ruth with She Reads Truth  and even participated in a She Shares Truth link up. Waking up at 8am every day? Not so much, but I did get more done.

July Goals 

Keep up with the Sermon on the Mount Plan. The She Reads Truth plans have been such a sweet addition to my quiet time with God and I can't wait to see how God moves through this plan. 

Focus. My MCAT date is next month and I am officially in game mode. I'll be absent in August so I can spend less time online and more time with my studies. 

Enjoy my family. I also move back to Austin next month. I miss the regular pace of fall, but I will miss seeing my family everyday. Hopefully they'll agree to more impromptu trips downtown. 

Plan my major. I need to buckle down, apply to the Humanities program, and plan out my fall semester. I can't wait to have a bundle of classes directed towards social determinants of health.

Linking up with Hayley!


  1. Hey friend, those are some great goals! I love how you took the time to go back and cross off the ones you actually achieved. I'll have to join in and try posting a few of my own. You've inspired me.

    Good luck with keeping focused, and the Sermon on the Mount plan. I am still in Ruth :O I was doing so good reading everyday... then all at once I fell of the bandwagon. But I insist on finishing Ruth before I move on to SOTM because there are just too many great truths in there to just skip over.

    1. Thanks Paula! I can't tell you how many times I've fallen off my reading plan, but yes. Finish Ruth and then jump into SOTM. Both come with so many challenges and words of encouragement!

  2. I just gave you some love on FB, Twitter, IG & Bloglovin. Good luck with the blog!! <3


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