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Saturday, July 12, 2014

In the quiet

Evenings these summer days have been spent running through my neighborhood and enjoying my
slice of suburbia. Yesterday wasn't much different. Until my Spotify playlist spontaneously quit playing. I don't mind running without music, but I was in the middle of my jam (courtesy of the Gym Class Heroes). I kept running hoping that my internet connection would restart, but no luck. I was left with my thoughts and the sound of my footsteps. Silence and I are more acquaintances than friends so this encounter was at best awkward.

I slowed my pace to a walk and decided to spend some time with the Lord. Those moments were difficult for me. I've been feeling uneasy these last few weeks. This summer has challenged me in so many unexpected ways and has burdened me with stress and anxiousness. And I didn't know how to tell God. Weird, right? Acknowledging my full humanity and His complete holiness is a struggle for me. But the road back home seemed like a good place to start. It wasn't a pretty prayer. I stammered. Stopped. Blamed. Rushed. Thank God we have the Holy Spirit because my message needed the perfect messenger.

Paula from Faithful in the Little reminded me to "surrender more to you [God] when I start to worry and take on these burdens that were never meant for me to carry." Yes. All of this! I assure you that there is peace waiting for those who hand over their daily struggles. Paul commands us in Galatians 5:7 to stand strong because Christ has made us free. Christ has freed us from our worry and we are made light and we are made whole in Him.

My internet connection finally kicked in and I switched over to my worship / quiet time playlist. The first song choice was perfect for the moment - Oh God by Citizens.

Savor the silent moments when you can and be encouraged.

PS: Today's devotional from She Reads Truth was all about worry! Seriously, God's timing > my understanding. Hop on over to this link and fill up on some great wisdom. 

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