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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School | top five semester essentials

Did I ever mention that back to school season is my favorite season? No? Well consider the fact now mentioned. I'm always a bundle of excitement and nerves come August, and what better way to celebrate than with my MCAT? I finished yesterday morning and I'm beyond ready to enjoy the last week of summer!

Here are my top five semester essentials:

One // White Board + Dry Erase Markers
I spent last finals glued to my white board. I have a small portable white board and it is perfect for working synthesis problems and diagramming systems. 

Two // Sriracha
Sriracha goes with everything. Bland ramen? Sriracha. Boring soup? Sriracha. Basic salad? Sriracha. Stash a bottle in your fridge and never look back. 

Three // External Hard Drive
I've have had the unfortunate luck of having my computer crash right before a major paper was due. Did it suck? Duh. Now anything I consider important (photos, essays, misc files) are backed up to my hard drive and dropbox. 

Four // Composition Notebook
My campus hosts some wonderful events throughout the year (like the time four presidents came to visit, super casual) and I love taking notes. I have a composition book that holds all my notes + quotes from various talks and panels I attend. 

Five // SelfControl
Social media is a big temptation for me. I'd rather scroll through a slow newsfeed than sit through a hard physics problem, so self control and SelfControl are two important aspects of my life. SelfControl is an app for macs that blocks any website you list. Once you click block, you are locked out for the given amount of time. Don't even try to restart your computer, it won't let you back on until time is up.

What are your semester essentials?

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