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Monday, September 1, 2014

fresh start

hello, hello, hello! It is so good to be back blogging on a schedule. Thank you to everyone who kept on reading and welcome to everyone who just joined in. I've been a bit busy these past few weeks. I took my MCAT, moved into my first apartment and started my junior year. Y'all. This is going to be a wonderful school year - I just feel it. 

The break also gave me time to think about the direction of Christle & Gold. I started this blog August 17, 2012 as Christle Clear and made a name change two years later. I couldn't have imagined that this corner of the internet would help me speak openly about my faith and that hundreds of people would find my posts about being a pre-med helpful. But creating posts was difficult this summer and not for a lack of ideas. I'm intimated. That's right. I am huddled in my bed with the blanket over my head scared. I'm worried about page views. I'm jealous of other bloggers. I'm upset with this blog's growth. And that's not okay. 

I started this blog because I wanted to share the best parts of life with the people I love. I wrote about my beliefs because I wanted to encourage my friends. I wrote about college because I was excited to be a Longhorn. I wrote because I wanted to give. And that is what I want this place to be again.

Christle & Gold is a place where you can dig deep and find gold. 

Today is a perfect day for a fresh start. 

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