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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pre Med Resources | Volume Two

Here's an updated list of my favorite pre-med places on the web!

Online Videos 

Armando Hasudungan: Bookmark. Now. Armando's handwriting tutorials are the best videos online for biology. He covers the major body systems, basic biochemistry and some pharmacology.

Bozeman Biology: Great for first year bio classes or a quick refresher for upper level students.

Crash Course: You won't find much depth, but their graphics make me happy.

MIT OpenCourseWareThis resource is a web-based publication of college course content. OCW is free and available to anyone with an internet connection. There are hundreds of courses from Quantum Physics to The Film Experience. UC Berkeley also has a well stocked archive of courses and materials.


A Little Bit of Lacquer: Laura is a fourth year medical student balancing family and school. I enjoy Laura's style aesthetic and I love looking at her baby girl, Liv! 

Franish: Franziska is a second year medical school determined to make the best out of her med school's dress code. She blogs mostly about fashion, but she sheds light on the daily routine of a grad student. 

Lady Kay MD: Katherine is a third year medical school and her blog is the place to go for healthy living.

The Health Scout: Dalya is a third year non-traditional medical student and she was the first medblr I followed. Her cartoons detailing medical school are hilarious. Stop by her blog for some great and detailed tips for pre meds.

Sarah Says MD: Sarah is a second year medical student and has a great blog for browsing. She curates some wonderful articles and occasionally a cute pup or two!

Wayfaring MD:  She may be anonymous but the blogger behind Wayfaring MD has a HUGE personality. Her FAQ for pre meds is the most comprehensive list on the web today. Do yourself a favor and bookmark her blog.

Favorite Posts


AAMC: Official website for application and MCAT news. 

NPR Global Health: Self explanatory. NPR's Global Health is a collection of stories and media in the global health community.

PubHealth: Domestic and International Public Health News.

Twitter Accounts

American Academy of Family Physicians (@AAFP)

Duke Global Health (@DukeGHI)

I hope you find this helpful! If you have any other resources you use, feel free to share!

Note: If you are a pre-med blogger, please share your URL in the comments below. I'm updating my pre-med blogger list!

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